Share Documents On PropertyFile

Margaret Lathwell
Margaret Lathwell
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Sharing Documents

Follow the steps below to share documents on PropertyFile with Landlord and Tenant

Please note: Only PDF documents can be shared with a Landlord or Tenant.

Go to the notes section of a tenancy record. Click upload new document


If there is an existing document within the notes that you would like to share you will need to save this locally onto your PC as a PDF.


Click on Upload New Document and browse for the PDF you have saved locally on your PC. Here you can tick to share the document with either Tenants or Landlords connected to the tenancy. Click Save.


The document will be shared with them as soon as they access their PropertyFile account.

If the document already exists within the Notes, click Edit next to the document.


Tick who you want to share the document with, Click Save.


To stop sharing a document simply follow the same steps to edit a document. Then untick the PropertyFile Sharing boxes. This will remove the document the next time the Landlord or Tenant logs in.