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Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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Follow the steps below to add maintenance jobs and quotes to the property record in Jupix.  

On the Property Record is a tab called Property Management, this takes you to a section that includes maintenance.  

To view an existing maintenance item

  1. Click on the View link
  2. You can filter the date reported between 7 or 30 days or Any and filter the status as required
  1. You can also add Landlord and Property maintenance notes so that you can check anything important before creating the job sheet  

To create a new maintenance item

  1. Click on the New Maintenance Job button
  2. You can now enter all of the information required for the job, you can add a contractor at this stage or save the job so you can edit it later after speaking to the landlord and add a contractor

Add quotes

  1. Click on the Add a Contractor button on the Contractor Quotes section
  2. After selecting the contractor, Click on the Yes radio button in the section Contractor Quote and complete the amount and details sections
  3. Click Save
  4. Click Add New button to enter more quotes from other contractors

Within the maintenance job, you now have a list of quotes.   

You can Delete Quote, Reject Quote, Edit Quote or Instruct Contractor from this screen, if you select Reject Quote, you can Reactivate Quote by clicking on the link.   

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