The Viewings dropdown menu

If you click Viewings on the main homebar, a dropdown menu appears with the following options:

  • Find - To find a viewing that has been created in Jupix previously, you can type part of the property address name into the Find search field
  • Show All - If you click this, it shows a list of all viewings within Jupix
  • Last Viewed - This shows the last five viewing records that were accessed
  • Lists - The Lists section comprises of just three standard lists:
    • Unconfirmed Viewings - This shows you a list of viewings that haven't been ticked as confirmed from the details
    • Viewings Requiring Follow Up - This shows you a list of viewings that are awaiting an outcome
    • Viewing Feedback Not Passed On - This shows you a list of viewings where the applicant feedback hasn't been sent to the vendor

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