Book a recurring diary appointment

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The steps below outline how to book an appointment in the diary for a task you carry out regularly.

  1. Click Diary on the main homebar
  2. From Choose View, click the correct diary view and find the column with the initials of the person for whom you want to book the appointment
    • If the appointment is for yourself, click My Diary
    • If the appointment is for someone else, click My Office
  3. Toggle between Day, Week, Month or Agenda as required
  4. Click the start time in the relevant days column. This opens the New Event window
  5. Click the relevant Event Type
  6. Complete all of the relevant information, including the Appointment Details and Event Details


    • If you don’t want others to see the content of the appointment, tick Is Private in Appointment Details. If anyone tries to open it, they'll receive the message This appointment is private and can only be viewed and edited by attendees of the appointment
    • If you tick Record Locked in Appointment Details, this means that others can view the appointment but not make changes. The lock can only be removed by the record owner

    1. In Appointment Details, change the Record Owner if required by selecting another name from the dropdown menu
    2. In the Choose Property (Optional) section, you can select a particular Property Address for the appointment. Type the address in the search field and click Select to automatically pull it into the appointment record. The same process applies for adding a person in the Choose Person (Optional) section
  7. At the bottom of the New Event window, you can set the Recurrence
    1. If you click DailyWeekly or Monthly, it'll provide you with more options to determine how frequently the appointment is to reoccur
    2. Set the Recurrence Pattern
    3. Set the Recurrence Range


  8. Once finished, click Save and the appointment and any recurring appointments will be populated into your diary

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