The migration process explained

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Migration overview

  1. We create your Jupix database
  2. We take a copy of your data from your source system to undertake the "Test" migration
  3. Your data is mapped and migrated to your Jupix database
  4. Our migrations specialist will talk you through the "Test" process to check the accuracy of the data imported into Jupix
  5. Once you are happy, you sign off the "Test" data migrated
  6. The final data migration and basic training is then arranged and completed
  7. We will then book a further date to assist with your Accounts go live
    Please review the information in Post migration work - Property Management and Accounts

The test migration process

Providing the required "My Account" items have been completed in full, your Jupix database will be created and dates for the data collection and data mapping will be scheduled.  

In most instances, one of our migrations analysts will be able to collect your data directly from your server utilising support/video conferencing applications. If this isn't possible, you will be advised to request the data from your current software supplier. This will be clarified with you prior to the data collection taking place.  

We understand the importance of your data and will work with you to make the transition over to Jupix as smooth as possible. This requires a lot of work our end, but, also requires work your end too. In order to make sure we have got everything correct, we will need your expertise and input, as ultimately you will know your data a lot better than we do.  

Data mapping completed

Once the data mapping process has been completed, your migrations analyst will carry out a test migration where the mapped data will be imported into a demo Jupix database.  

Your project coordinator will provide you with login details for your demo Jupix system, enabling you to access this test database and review the accuracy of the data converted.  

A member of the migrations team will contact you, to guide you through the final data migrated and to highlight the key areas to check.

The articles Test migration - data review checklist and Test migration review in the Help Centre will help you to facilitate the checking process. 


Your cooperation during the data review process is integral to ensuring that your final data migration is as accurate as possible