Adding landlord charges

  • Updated

When you click Add Landlord Charges from a landlord ledger, or Add Landlord First Account from a preparing tenancy, you must ensure you have landlord charges set up. You can do this from within Lettings Configuration. 


Lettings Configuration is a user permission. You will need access to Admin to edit this. Your appointed office Admin will have access to these permissions
For more information on Managing user permissions, click here

To set landlord charges up:

  1. Click Admin on the main homebar
  2. Click Lettings Configuration
  3. In the Landlord Charges section, click Edit
  4. Click New Charge 
  5. Type a Charge Description
  6. Enter a Charge Amount (£)
  7. For charges to be added throughout the tenancy, in the Charge Type dropdown menu, click Landlord Tenancy
  8. For initial charges to be added for a preparing tenancy, in the Charge Type dropdown menu, click Landlord First Account 
  9. In the Nominal Code dropdown menu, select the relevant nominal code, if required
  10. Tick the boxes as to whether the charge is Liable for VAT and Inclusive Of VAT 
  11. Tick Apply by Default if required (usually for first account charges)
  12. Click Save

The new charge now appears when you click Add Landlord Charges or Add Property Charges.