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Before we can progress your order to installation, you'll need to log in to My Account and complete the Pre-configuration details in the To-Do List section. This will be where all your office and user information is added, and once complete, allows us to compile the relevant account and business details, onto your Jupix system.

  1. Log in to your My Account
    Click here to login to My Account
  2. The Homepage opens. Click the Jupix-XXXXXX tab
  3. Your Order Status page opens, containing your To-Do List
  4. On Pre-configuration, click Click Here to access and make changes
    1. Offices / Match Area details - Add all office names, addresses, contact details and match areas of the locations you manage
    2. User Names - Add each users name, job title, primary department, primary office, email address and contact details
    3. The agent's website provider - Enter the trading name, contact name, contact email address and contact telephone number for whoever manages your website
    4. Software - Click Add Software to provide details for the specification of computers that will be running Jupix, i.e, which Operating System (e.g. Windows 10, iOS 11), Word Version (e.g. Word 2010, Word for Mac 2016), and Browser Version (e.g Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Chrome, Safari).  Please list the variations as User Name - "Computer 1" / "Computer 2"
  5. Click Save changes to save your completed information


In the To-Do List, the Pre-configuration section updates, indicating if the section is complete or not.

  • Red triangle with an exclamation mark - Identifies any section that hasn't been completed in full 
  • Green circle with tick - Identifies a section that has been completed and submitted in full, with no further information required