Account information

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Before we can progress your order to installation, you'll need to log in to My Account and complete the Account information details in the To-Do List section. Once complete, this allows us to compile the relevant account and business details, onto your Jupix system.

The first section of your My Account To-Do list contains the Account information agreement.

  1. Log in to your My Account
    Click here to login to My Account
  2. The Homepage opens. Click the Jupix-XXXXXX tab
  3. Your Order Status page opens, containing your To-Do List
  4. OAccount information, click Click Here to access and make changes
    1. General - Enter the company trading name, limited company name, registration number, and trading and invoice addresses
    2. Partners Addresses - This section is only applicable to partnership companies
    3. Sole Trader Address - This section is only applicable to sole trader companies
    4. Branches - Enter the branch name, postcode, and address of all branches you will be setting up on Jupix
    5. Signed By - Once the information above has been submitted, the formal sign-off by an authorised individual is required, confirming that the information listed is correct
  5. Click Save changes


In the To-Do List, the Account information section updates, indicating if the section is complete or not.

  • Red triangle with an exclamation mark - Identifies any section that hasn't been completed in full 
  • Green circle with tick - Identifies a section that has been completed and submitted in full, with no further information required