What are adhoc mailouts?

Adhoc mailouts allow you to send correspondence via email or post to applicants, vendors and third party contacts using pre-determined templates.  

When viewing a list of applicants, vendors, or third party contacts within Jupix, you will have the ability to send an Adhoc Mailout to the people on the list.  

Send adhoc mailout

After clicking the Send Adhoc Mailout button you will have the option to send a mailout to the entire list, or just the people that have been selected.

You will see the Marketing Information Consent tick boxes near the top right of the screen.  

You would generally only send this information to those you have gained their consent to send mailouts, however you can tick or untick the boxes to include certain recipients.  

The Send Adhoc Mailout screen is compiled of two sections.  

The first shows you all the recipients included within the Adhoc mailout, you can also manually add more recipients here.  

If a checkbox is disabled it means the contact may not have a valid email address or postal address, alternatively, it could mean that they do not wish to be contacted via this method.  

In the Email Options section, you will have the ability to select which template you wish to base the email on, as well as enter a subject for the email being sent and amend the main body.  

At any time before the email is sent you have the ability to preview it first by clicking Preview Email.  

In the Post Options section, you can enter the Mailout Name (how it will appear in the Print Tray and on the recipient's history).

You can also schedule when you what this mailout to be sent by selecting one of the options:

  • Now
  • End of Today
  • End of the Week

Once an option has been selected

Click Send

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