The Rent Arrears report

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The Rent Arrears report (Rent Reports) lists all tenants that are in arrears and how much they owe.

It's possible to filter the report by All Tenancies, Landlord, or Tenancy and the age of the arrears. The default options for this are 1 Day, 7 Days and 30 Days (or older).

  1. Click Reports on the main homebar
  2. Within Lettings Reports, click Rent Reports
  3. Within Choose Report, click Rent Arrears
  4. Within Report Options, select the timeline for Arrears Older Than
  5. Select which Offices to run the report for
  6. Select who to Generate the Report For, i.e. All Tenancies, Landlord, or Tenancy
  7. Within Export Format, select whether to generate the report as a .pdf or .csv
  8. Click Generate


An example of the .pdf report can be seen below:


The report allows you to manage your arrears chasing process from one place, rather than having to use the Receipt Rent screen to try and work out which tenants are in arrears.