Creating your eSign agency agreement

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When creating your eSigning master template, you'll need to insert a merge code which will allow the signature to be in the correct place after the user has signed.

To apply the signature section, use the following merge code on your document(s), %contactSignature%


The %contactSignature% merge code can only be used once in a document, and should be inserted where you would like the signature to be on your document

The merge code itself will become white and invisible to you when you finalise the document before sending. The recipient of your agreement will type or draw their signature.
If you require help in amending letter templates in the Jupix Document Editor, click here





Once submitted, your customer will receive a signed copy for their records, and a signed version appears in View PDF, in the PropertyFile tab in Jupix.

For tenancies, your contract should resemble the example below, with a single line for the signature and person merge tag. You'll see a line for each signee, with a signed .pdf and audit trail.



  • The recipient will not be able to amend the document before signing so ensure all sections are complete prior to sending 
  • Set yourself up as if you are one of your customers and send yourself a test agreement to ensure you have set everything up correctly

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