Tax calculation for overseas landlords

  • Updated

If a landlord has been set to overseas and hasn't provided an HMRC approval number, Jupix will retain tax at the rate of 20% on the landlords net income.

Overseas tax will only show as a deduction if it's more than the tax relief applied, at which point it will appear on the landlord ledger.

If the HMRC supply an approval number, this can be added to the Landlord Details section of the landlord record. 

  1. Click the Residential Lettings department tab
  2. Click Landlords on the main homebar
  3. Search for the relevant landlord in the Find bar and click Go. Click View on the relevant record
    1. Alternatively, find and click the relevant landlord from within the Last Viewed section
  4. Click the Landlord Details tab
  5. Click Edit Details 
  6. Untick Retain Tax. You'll have the option to add the HMRC Approval Number and the Approval Start Date
    • This date is contained within the body of the letter received and is usually the start of a tax period
  7. Click Save

Upon saving these changes, any overseas tax currently held i.e. not yet paid to the HMRC and still showing under Pay Overseas Tax in the Accounts section of My Dashboard, will be refunded onto the ledger.

This can then be refunded back to the landlord by generating a landlord statement.