Refunding agency fees

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Whether a refund of a fee is due to it being incorrectly charged, or as a goodwill gesture refund, before refunding a fee, you should check that you have money within your Pay Agency.

  1. Click the Residential Lettings department tab
  2. On My Dashboard, scroll down to the Accounts section
  3. Click Pay agency 
  4. In the bottom right, check there are enough funds in Total to pay to agency to cover the refund

If this shows there is money available, you can then navigate to the Landlord, Tenant or Property ledger where the fee was previously applied.


Accounting Level 3 and 4 are required for refunding agency fees. These are chargeable levels and Support will require authorisation from your manager to quote for these permissions
For more information on Accounting Level permissions, click here


  1.  On the relevant landlord or tenant ledger, find the fee you wish to refund and click Refund Fee. This opens up a section for the refund details
  2. Click Credit On Account for this to show on the ledger, or, click Immediate Refund to go straight to the Pay section
    1. For landlords, all transactions must go through the Generate Landlord Statements screen, therefore the Immediate Refund option is not available for landlord fee refunds
  3. Add the Total Refund Amount 
  4. Amend the Reason for Refund, if required
  5. The Show on statement tickbox will be greyed out if the item has previously appeared on a statement to the landlord
  6. Confirm the Refund Code 
  7. Click Save

You'll now see that this shows as a refund on your Pay Agency and on the ledger as a refund of fees.