Add a standard paragraph

Neil Jowett
Neil Jowett
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The steps below outline how to add to your list of pre-prepared standard paragraphs that can subsequently be easily inserted when preparing a property's particulars.

Each standard paragraph you create can be easily amended later should you need to correct/update it.


You'll need access to Admin, to edit the System Configuration page. Your appointed office Admin will have access to these permissions and they'll be able to create the required template or enable permission on your account, to enable you to create it

  1. Click Admin on the main homebar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click System Configuration
  3. Scroll down to the Property section. Alongside Standard Paragraphs, click Edit
  4. Click Add New Standard Paragraph
  5. Type an appropriate Name to help everybody to identify this paragraph in future
  6. Type the Paragraph Content; i.e. what the paragraph should read
  7. Select which Departments should use this paragraph using the tick boxes
  8. Click Save

Your new template can now be used when entering the property's Full Description, under New Room, Edit Full Description or Import Rooms.