Add an ad hoc template - email

This guide shows how to add to your list of pre-prepared email messages that you can select from when sending bulk correspondence, e.g. if warning your owners of vacant properties to be aware of frost precautions during the winter months?

Each template you create can be easily amended later should you need to correct/update it.


You will need to have access to the System Configuration page found under the Admin tab of Jupix. If you do not have this permission then you will need to contact the member of staff in your organisation that acts as your system administrator as they will be able to create the required template or enable permission on your account to enable you to create it.

  1. Select Admin from the main homebar
  2. Click System Configuration on the dropdown menu
  3. Click Edit next to Custom Email Templates
  4. Click Add New
  5. Leave the Template Type as Adhoc unless your message is to be used during rent arrears chasing, in which case select from the dropdown the type of person who is to receive the message; eg. Rent Arrears (landlord) if the intended recipients of the message are landlords
  6. Type an appropriate Template Name to help everybody to identify this template in future
  7. Type the Email Subject (this can include the property address tag: %rePropertyAddress%)
  8. Type the Email Body (see note below)
  9. Select which departments should use this template using the tick boxes
  10. Click Save

Your new template can now be used from either the Send Ad-hoc Mailout or Batch Action buttons.


If you want to add merge codes to the Email Body to collect additional information from a contact record, click here to view a list of merge codes.
NB. Merge codes need to be typed onto the body of the email and NOT copied and pasted.

You can also enter HTML formatting code in the Email Body, common examples include:
  • To underline text, eg. YOUR TEXT, you would enter: <u>YOUR TEXT</u>
  • To make text bold, eg. YOUR TEXT, you would enter: <b>YOUR TEXT</b>
  • To add a blank line you would enter: <br>
  • To include a link to a web page, eg. Jupix, you would enter: <a href="">Jupix</a>


We would always recommend sending yourself a test email first before emailing out to a large group

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