Set up a custom diary

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In Jupix, you can create a custom diary. A custom diary contains the diary details for a specific list of colleagues. 

  1. Click Diary on the main homebar
  2. On the left hand side of the Diary screen, click the Choose View settings cog 
  3. Click Create New

There are now 3 sections to complete: 


When creating a new diary, remember that it's unique to each user account. Therefore, everyone who requires the custom diary will need to set it up on their own account

Diary options

  1. In the Diary Options section, give your new diary a Diary View Name i.e. Saturday staff
  2. Set the Diary Start Hour
  3. You can choose to Use As Default View. If you tick this, it means this diary will show automatically when you click Diary on the main homebar
  4. You can choose to Show Cancelled Events. These aren’t shown on the My Diary or My Office diary views
  5. You can choose to Highlight Non-Confirmed Events. If there are same colour stripes in the event, this indicates the appointment is Unconfirmed 

User selection

  1. In the dropdown menu, choose the Office (s) the users are linked to 
  2. In the dropdown menu, choose the relevant Department (s) the users are linked to
  3. In the dropdown menu, tick to Choose User (s) you wish to be included in the custom view. If a user can't be seen, please recheck steps 1 and 2 to ensure the users office and department have been selected
  4. Once all users have been selected, in Order Selected Users, click Move Up or Move Down depending on the order you wish for them to appear in the diary


If a user included in your custom diary leaves employment, you'll need to remove them from all custom diaries as these won’t update automatically. To do this, untick them from the Choose User (s) dropdown menu

Office selection 

The Office View is used to show all unaccompanied viewings for that office. This would, in most cases, be set to the office you are creating the diary for. 

  1. Tick to Add Office View, if required
  2. Click Save

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