Create a lease on a commercial property

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The steps below outline how to create a lease on a commercial property in Jupix. 

Commercial properties can be listed For Sale and To Let. If the property has been Let, this can be logged and progressed via the Leases tab on the property.

  1. Click the Commercial department tab
  2. Click Property on the main homebar
  3. Search for the relevant property in the Find bar and click Go. Click View on the relevant record
    1. Alternatively, find and click the relevant property from within the Last Viewed section
  4. Click the Leases tab
  5. Any previous leases display. Click New Lease
  6. Search for the applicant in the Applicant Name search field. A list of matching applicants appear. Click Select next to the correct applicant 
    1. Repeat the above step for all applicants for the lease
    2. If the applicant hasn't yet been added to the system, click Add New Detailed and complete all required information
    3. Untick Add Requirements Now 
    4. Click Save
  7. In the Lease Details section, check the Lease Date, Commencement Date and Expiry Date are all correct and that the Lease Term has calculated correctly
  8. Additional information can be added regarding the Floor Area and Site Area, if required
  9. In the Break Details section, add the Break Date (multiple dates can be added), Break Notice Period in months, and any additional details in the Break Details notes field
  10. In the Rent Details section, confirm the Rent Amount, when the rent is to be charged From and the Rent Units, along with any additional notes in the Rent Details field
  11. In the Rent Review Details section, add any Rent Review Dates (multiple dates can be added) and the Rent Review Notice Period in months, along with any additional notes in the Rent Review Details field
  12. In the Additional Details section, you can also add: 
    1. Insurance Details 
    2. Repair Details
    3. Service Charge Details
    4. Alienation Details
    5. Alteration Details 
    6. User Clause Details 
    7. Other Details
  13. Click Save once you have completed all required information 

Once saved, additional action buttons appear.  Click the relevant option depending on the next step:

  • Landlord Approved – Drawing Up
  • Landlord Declined 
  • Delete Lease

To progress the lease:

  1. Click Landlord Approved – Drawing Up
    1. If any of the details need to be changed, on the Summary tab, in the Lease Details section, click Edit Details
  2. Once you're ready, click Drawn Up – Pre Move In
  3. Click the lease and set it to Current

Once the lease is current, additional action buttons appear to enable you to manage the lease. These include:

  • Under rent review
  • Landlord break 
  • Tenant break 
  • Terminated
  • Expired
  • Renew lease
  • Delete lease