Book a viewing from the applicant record

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Follow the steps below to book a viewing in Jupix from the Applicant Profile Screen.

Once the applicant has been added to the system, there are a couple of ways you can book them to view a property from the applicant screen:

Go to Applicant Record Screen>Contact Details and click on the “Book Viewing” button. 


Or go to Applicant Record Screen>Viewings tab and click on the “Book Viewing” button.


To book the viewing, complete the steps below:

Search for the property address of where the viewing will take place.

Select who will be conducting the viewing E.g. Agency, Vendor, Tenant

Select the record owner – staff member who has created and will manage the viewing.

When you have confirmed the appointment, use the tick boxes to confirm the viewing appointment with attending parties.

You will be presented with the option to send email and text reminders to the attendees,  prior to the viewing.

Email Confirmation will leave the system immediately

Text Reminder, if you have purchased the option, is sent 1 hour prior to the appointment.

 Click Save to book the viewing.