Add a new qualified applicant

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A qualified applicant is an applicant that has requirements. Only qualified applicant records can be used for property matching. 

To add a new qualified applicant:

  1. Click Home on the main homebar
  2. On the side menu, in the Create New section, click New Applicant
    1. Alternatively, click Applicants on the main homebar
    2. Click Add New Applicant
  3. Complete as many fields as possible for the applicant across the Applicant Details, People and Contact Details sections
    1. In the Contact Details section, the Addressee and Dear fields have clickable links alongside them
      Addressee has the options to click TS, TIS and TFS to choose the salutation
      Dear has the options to click and TS to choose the salutation
      (T stands for Title, F for Forename, I for Initial and S for Surname)
  4. Complete the Communication Preferences, Marketing Consents and Additional Contact Information sections
  5. Complete the remainder of the New Applicant fields including Requirements and Classification, in as much detail as possible, to utilise your database to the maximum efficiency
  6. Click Save

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