Add a new unqualified applicant

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An unqualified applicant is an applicant that you haven't received requirements from as yet.

To add an unqualified applicant:

  1. Click Home on the main homebar
  2. On the side menu, in the Create New section, click New Unqualified Applicant
  3. Complete as many fields as possible for the applicant in the Person Details, Communication Preferences, Marketing Consents and Additional Contact Information sections
    1. The minimum information required is the applicants name (Person Name)
  4. Click Save

Jupix transfers this information to an applicant contact record. This contact record is the same as a normal applicant record, except for the information header bar which denotes the applicant as Unqualified.

Once the record is saved, you can click Convert to Detailed Contact to ensure the applicants information is in the correct format for documents that include the applicants Title, Forename, Surname, Addressee and Dear sections. 

You'll also be able to click Qualify Applicant to add in the applicant requirements. 

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