Jupix terminology and icon guide

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Advanced search


The Advanced search is visible on the top right of the Viewings screen, once you've clicked Show All within the Viewings dropdown menu. It allows you to refine your search options by applying filters to your viewings, and works similarly to the Refine Search option on similar search screens.
i.e. "Click Advanced search"



Department tabs


The department tabs are always present at the top of Jupix and consist of Residential Sales, Residential Lettings, Commercial and Agricultural. You can switch between each freely as long as you have the department enabled and the main homebar and screens change accordingly. 
i.e. "Click the Residential Lettings department tab"



Find bar


The Find bar is displayed when you click on the majority of the items on the main homebar. It acts as a search once you enter your criteria and click Go.
i.e. "Search for the tenancy in the Find bar and click Go"



Last Viewed


The Last Viewed section is displayed below the Find bar when you click on the majority of the items on the main homebar. It lists the last few records that you have opened and viewed, relating to the item on the main homebar you've selected.
i.e. "Find and click the tenancy from within the Last Viewed section"



Main homebar


The main homebar is always present at the top of Jupix. The homebar that's displayed (and it's respective screens) depends on which Department tab you have selected. 
i.e. "Click Tenancies on the main homebar"





When you open/view a record, Tabs are displayed above. Their naming, functionality and the number of tabs available are dependant on the type of record selected, via the main homebar
i.e. "Click the Deposit tab"