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Chris Horroll
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If you need assistance editing an existing brochure, window card, browse sheet or letterhead master template. Or, if you require new templates created, either chosen from our pre-designed collection, or a custom design you have available, we have a Design team on hand who can help with this.

Please initially refer to the following information on additional design services, which also includes details around our charges and artwork requirements here.

Please then use the below form to request any changes to your master templates. The Design team will respond to clarify any further information, or to provide a quotation for the work.

Please provide as much information as possible which will allow the team to provide a more accurate response.


If you require changes to any of the following items, this work can be amended by you without the professional paid design service. Please refer to the Help Centre articles listed below

  • One-off template changes per property
  • Email template
  • Letters content (excluding the master letterhead template)

For more information on our Onboarding templates, click here
For more information on our Live Templates, click here

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