How to fix documents not saving back to Jupix - permission bar

This guide will help you save documents back into Jupix when you have had an error message appear stating a Permission Bar appears at the top of the screen.  

The error message below appears when an add-on that allows Word to open with a read-write connection to the server isn’t running or is functioning incorrectly.  

  1. You need to reset your browser, please see the guide How do I Reset my Browser? Click here
  2. You need to run the Jupix Configuration File please see the guide Jupix Configuration File
  3. Then on Internet Explorer go to Manage add-ons from the Tools menu


  1. In manage add-ons, ensure SharePoint Open Documents Class is enabled
  2. Select More Information and ensure the add-on is allowed on all sites, there should be a * in the add-on box

  1. Close and reopen Internet Explorer
  2. go back into Jupix, try to open the document
  3. If the error message still appears, check if the add-on has now moved into the Currently Loaded Add-Ons section of Manage Add-ons

  1. If it has not and the message appears again, this would suggest that something to do with your local set up is stopping this from functioning. You will need to contact your office IT consultant

Your IT should try the following

  • Ensure any previously installed versions of Office are entirely removed from the machine
  • Try repairing Word
  • Try reinstalling Internet Explorer


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