Undo an incorrect receipt

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If money has been receipted but not reconciled, it's possible to undo the receipt from the ledger it has been receipted on.


Whilst you can undo a receipt that's been added by mistake, this process doesn't create a refund

  1. On the relevant Landlord or Tenancy record, either click the Landlord Ledgers tab or the Tenant Ledger tab
  2. Find the incorrect receipt and click Undo Receipt
  3. Amend the Description to accurately reflect why the receipt is being undone
  4. In the Confirm Undo Action section, enter Your Undo Code into the field to confirm the action
  5. Click Save

This reverses the receipt from the ledger and removes it from the reconcile screen.

 Did you know...

There is also a troubleshooting article on Remove a receipt added in error, which you may find useful