Finishing a tenancy

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When finishing a tenancy, there are certain parameters that you need to ensure have been met. These are outlined in the steps below.

  1. Click the Residential Lettings department tab
  2. Click Tenancies on the main homebar
  3. Search for the relevant tenancy in the Find bar and click Go. Click View on the relevant record
    1. Alternatively, find and click the relevant tenancy from within the Last Viewed section
  4. On the tenant Summary tab, click Start Renewal Process
  5. The Renewal tab opens. Click Not Renewing
  6. The Not Renewing Tenancy screen opens. Click the calendar to select the Tenancy End Date
  7. Tick the Create Section 21 Pack? box, if needed
  8. Tick the Schedule Move out Inventory box
  9. Click the calendar to select the Proposed Inventory Date
  10. In the Advanced Options section, use the dropdown menu to select whether the landlord is re-letting with your agency (Is The Landlord Re-Letting This Property With Us?)
  11. Use the dropdown menu to select whether to show the property on market (Show Property On Market Now?). If you click Yes, record the Next Available Date
  12. In the Forwarding Addresses section, tick the Add Forwarding Addresses? box and enter the forwarding address for the tenant(s) below
  13. Click Save
  14. Return to the tenancy Summary. Click the Summary tab
  15. The options to Book Move Out and Tenancy Ended will be visible
    1. If you click Book Move Out, you can decide where to meet, i.e. the property or office, and enter a date, either manually or from the diary within Jupix
    2. If you click Tenancy Ended, this takes you through to the screen where you can:
      • Choose the property marketing availability
      • Enter the meter readings 
      • Unshare PropertyFile 

Once you complete the Book Move Out screen, the option to Return Deposit will show on the Summary tab.  This allows you to return the deposit to the relevant parties as agreed.

Once the deposit has been returned and the tenant ledger has a zero balance, you'll see option Tenancy Finished on the Summary tab. From here, you can remarket the property and once saved, the tenancy will show a tenancy status of Finished.

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