Pay in to the PDQ Batch update

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Follow the steps below to  make the PDQ transactions available for reconciliation

Go to the Accounts section of the dashboard and select PDQ Batch Update

This now shows any payments that have been paid in by PDQ.  Select the PDQ Transactions option, then ensure that you have selected the correct bank they have been paid in to.

You will also need to ensure that you have selected the actual date that the transactions were paid in to the bank. Select which items were paid in on the PDQ Batch, do not select any other items and then click Save

This will bring up another screen where you will be able to Print, Export to .csv, Move Individual Receipt(s) or Move All Receipts

If you find the batch total is incorrect or you have selected the wrong PDQ transaction to update, you can select Move All Receipts to move everything in the batch back to the PDQ Batch Update screen, or add to another batch that has already been updated

We would recommend to always use Move All Receipts as opposed to Move Individual Receipt