Release notes : 2020 - 2022

Verity Stanford-Tuck
Verity Stanford-Tuck
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Below are the Release notes for releases to your Jupix software, including enhancements, bug fixes and new features.

Release Notes 2021.23

Release date: Thursday 7th October 2021

  • Fixes
    • An issue has been fixed that previously allowed users to view and edit another user’s private To Do’s
    • An issue has been fixed that previously allowed users to view and edit another user’s private Appointments
    • An issue arises when multiple properties are assigned to the same landlord ledger and more than one has an outstanding rent amount, the figure in the Landlord Rent Not Paid section of the Trial Balances Report will now show correctly. Previously, it would just show the amount of the most recently received rent

Earlier releases: 

2021 Release Notes

Release Notes 2021.22

Release date: Thursday 30th September 2021

  • Fixes
    • An issue has been fixed that previously allowed users to view and edit another user’s private notes
    • An issue has been fixed where booking an appraisal from an applicant or potential vendor record could, on rare occasions, load the wrong contact details into the Confirmation section

Release Notes 2021.21

Release date: Thursday 16th September 2021

  • Fixes
    • Work has been done to prevent bank reconciliation errors when two reconcile processes are done at exactly the same time. When a dual process is detected, these will now process one at a time to avoid any issues

Release Notes 2021.20

Release date: Thursday 9th September 2021

  • Fixes
    • An issue where not enough money was being withheld from a landlord statement has been fixed. This was a rare situation but could happen when an overseas landlord had a manually withheld overseas tax amount on a statement with a positive opening balance

Release Notes 2021.19

Release date: Thursday 26th August 2021

  • Fixes
    • An issue where money could become stuck in the system has been fixed. This happened when rent was credited after receiving money from a cash transfer
    • The way that Rent Breakdowns are added has been changed. Previously it was possible not to add one, resulting in an error. But now if not supplied, it is set to Lead Tenant by default
    • Some minor improvements have been made to internal logging
  • Reports
    • A new report has been added in the residential lettings department. The Linked Agency Bank Accounts report lists all landlord portfolios alongside their default client account. The primary purpose of this report is to assist agents when they add or change a client account
    • The Key list report has been updated to give the user the option of whether or not to include archived properties

Release Notes 2021.18

Release date: Thursday 19th August 2021

  • Fixes
    • We have delivered a range of security fixes this week to make Jupix more secure

Release Notes 2021.17

Release date: Thursday 22nd July 2021

  • Fixes
    • Some improvements have been made to the key list report
      • Keys for Withheld properties are now included
      • An option is now available to include deleted keys on the report
    • Following the acquisition of Van Mildert by Rightmove, the URLs used by Jupix to access Van Mildert's services have been updated
      • Other rebranding work has also been carried out by Rightmove. This will be visible when connecting to your account through Jupix
    • Some performance improvements have been made to the database query used to populate the supplier ledger
    • An issue with the caching of media not displaying the current image has been fixed

Release Notes 2021.16

Release date: Thursday 15th July 2021

  • Enhancements
    • Security updates have been applied to Jupix
    • A new Metro Bank statement upload format has been added
  • Fixes
    • An error occurred when refunding or crediting a Property Charge that was shared across more than one landlord with shared ownership. This has now been fixed

Release Notes 2021.15

Release date: Wednesday 7th July 2021

  • Enhancements
    • Planned performance updates and technology upgrades
    • The framework used by the Jupix Login codebase has been updated
  • Fixes
    • Steps have been put in place to prevent the same deposit from being transferred twice from the deposit account to the rent account
    • It is now not possible to save the Return Deposit screen when the deductions exceed the deposit amount

Release Notes 2021.11

Release date: Tuesday 30th March 2021

  • Enhancements
    • Improvements have been made to the log output for the portal feeds, in order to make problem investigation easier

Release Notes 2021.10

Release date: Tuesday 23rd March 2021

  • Enhancements
    • We have implemented the next stage of a new system for centralised error recording across the Jupix platform

Release Notes 2021.09

Release date: Tuesday 16th March 2021

  • Fixes
    • We fixed issues sending large zip files to the Boomin portal

Release Notes 2021.08

Release date: Thursday 4th March 2021

  • Enhancements
    • The limit on the length of a Media Link URL has been increased to 255 characters

Release Notes 2021.07

Release date: Wednesday 24th February 2021

  • Enhancements
    • Planned performance updates and technology upgrades 

Release Notes 2021.06

Release date: Wednesday 17th February 2021

  • Fixes
    • SFTP-Fixes and Portal-Feed-Fixes

Release Notes 2021.05

Release date: Thursday 11th February 2021

  • Enhancements
    • We have implemented the first stage of a new system for centralised error recording across the Jupix platform

Release Notes 2021.04

Release date: Thursday 4th February 2021

  • Enhancements
    • Planned performance updates and technology upgrades 

Release Notes 2021.03

Release date: Tuesday 26th January 2021

  • Enhancements
    • PropertyFile: A “Deactivate” button has been added to the PropertyFile sharing section. This allows an account to be deactivated quickly without having to edit the details and remove all the shared items manually. Deactivating an account will remove all the shares in Jupix and send a deactivation request to PropertyFile.

Release Notes 2021.02

Release date: Thursday 21st January 2021

  • Fixes
    • The print tray feature introduced in the last release has been fine tuned, following feedback. Items that can be restored are now limited to the last 30 days. Items are now ordered with the most recent at the top
    • A bug has been fixed on the New Unaccompanied Viewing screen, allowing the date/time panel to be displayed correctly when the lightbox opens
    • A bug has been fixed in the duplicate property lookup, preventing an error from being displayed when no alpha or numeric characters are entered
    • An efficiency in the processing of image and floorplan tags has been implemented
    • The mobile numbers and the sending of text messages code has been refactored
    • A bug has been fixed in the generation of a tenant invoice on MyJupix

Release Notes 2021.01

Release date: Thursday 14th January 2021

  • Fixes
    • You can now remove and restore items from the print tray for My Print Tray and My Offices Tray
    • Office Diary
      • Validation has been implemented on the “New Unaccompanied Viewing” screen, preventing an error if the user fails to select an applicant (Diary/ Office view/Day view, select a time range in the office column on the right)
    • The filename generated when a statement is printed from the property ledger has been fixed
    • Other minor bug fixes
2020 Release Notes

Release Notes 2020.28

Release date: Thursday 17th December 2020

  • Fixes
    • Bank Statement Upload
      • The Bank Statement Upload causes an error when two reconciliations overlap, this has now been fixed
    • GDPR Deletion Rules
      • There are built in rules to ensure data integrity. One of the integrity rules, relating to an active ToDo, is not being applied correctly, preventing the deletion of a record that should otherwise be able to be deleted. This has now been fixed
    • Generate Landlord Statements
      • An error can occur where one user adds an entry that would affect a statement balance, whilst the Generate Landlord Statements screen is being updated by another user (eg credit an Expense or Charge). The statement will no longer be updated but show on the Generate Landlord Statement screen, with the updated entries, next time it is loaded
    • Saving Registration Numbers (in Admin/System Configuration)
      • The Company Registration Number, VAT Registration Number, Letting Agency Registration Number and NRL Reference Numbers can’t be saved with a leading zero. This has now been fixed.

Release Notes 2020.27

Release date: Thursday 10th December 2020

  • Fixes
    • The HMRC S23(18) report is now generated through the report queue to avoid browser timeout issues
    • Supplier Invoice Numbers that contain text, or are very large numbers, that have been added via a Maintenance Job will now appear correctly on Ledgers
    • The record count displayed at the top of the Viewing Intellilist screen now displays the correct total when filtered by "My Viewings" where one or more of the viewings has multiple attendees
    • The Property Match mailout screen will no longer cause an error when all of the properties are set to "No" or "Reject"


Releases 2020.23 to 2020.26.2 were planned performance updates and technology upgrades

Release Notes 2020.22

Release date: Thursday 22nd October 2020

  • Enhancements
    • NatWest Autopay Online has been added as a BACS Export Format
  • Fixes
    • Unsupported Control Characters, such as a Vertical Tab, are now stripped from the XML output
    • Attaching supplier invoices to landlord statements has been made more robust
    • Additional validation has been added when entering EPC Graph values
      • Graph values have been restricted to be a maximum of fifteen characters
    • The Auto Reconcile bank upload screen now prevents duplicate statement uploads when double clicking submit
    • When changing departments, some cases where the department is not updated correctly have been fixed
    • Other minor bug fixes

Release Notes 2020.21

Release date: Thursday 27th August 2020

  • Enhancements
    • Sales List
      • New filters for Sale Date, Sale Completion Date and Sale Fallen Through Date have been added to the Refine Search screen for sales lists
      • This applies to the Residential Sales, Commercial and Land Agency (Agricultural) department tabs
    • Help Centre
      • An enhancement to the new Help window has been implemented, making the popup window draggable within the Jupix window
        • Where the Jupix window height is less than the popup window size, it will be resized, but will not be draggable
        • Try maximising the Jupix window size before opening the Help popup window, to make it draggable
  • Fixes
    • Credit Supplier Charge
      • Cash will not be returned to a receipt from a supplier charge if an error is thrown while crediting it. (An error could have been caused by the office not having a bank account assigned)

Release Notes 2020.20

Release date: Tuesday 18th August 2020

  • New Support from Jupix
    • The Ask Jupix button has been replaced with a dynamic button for new web chat and Help Centre content. You will be able to access 3 key features from this button:
      • Search the new Help Centre to find articles that answer your questions
      • Web chat will enable you to speak to one of our Support Agents directly (Monday - Friday during office hours)
      • The ability to submit a support ticket to our team (If outside of office hours)
    • The text on the button will change depending on the type of support available to you:
      • Chat during office hours
      • Help outside of office hours
    • The Help Centre has had a refresh to make the articles even clearer and more helpful, and easier to find. Alternatively, the new Guide button gives you direct access to the Help Centre without going through chat first



For more information on Where is the Knowledge Centre, click here
For more information on How do I submit a ticket, click here

Release Notes 2020.19

Release date: Thursday 30th July 2020

  • Enhancements 
    • There are no enhancements in this release 
  • Fixes
    • An issue has been fixed that prevented some saved lists from showing on the Property menu
      • Check Active Portals and Websites
      • Vendor Contact
      • Properties Pending Matches 
    • Portfolio Bank Accounts will now not show in the Tenant/Potential Tenant Grid on a Tenancy Record in rare situations where the Tenant is also a Landlord
    • Notes of type "Email" will now show correctly when an Applicant/Property/etc record is printed 
  • Other recent releases 
    • 2020.18.3 - 27/07/2020 Royal Mail Postcode Data updated for July 2020
    • 2020.18.2 - 29/06/2020 Royal Mail Postcode Data updated for June 2020
    • 2020.18.1 - 26/06/2020 Generating the Cash book report has been made significantly more efficient 

Release Notes 2020.15

Release date: Wednesday 13th May 2020

  • The Letting Centre Tenancy Agreements May 2020
    • The Letter Centre Professional Series Tenancy Agreements have changed with reference to the new legislation, including:
      • Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018
      • Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020
    • There are also substantial changes to the format of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements with a move towards using contractual periodic continuations to the tenancy agreements as standard for 2020 onwards 
    • See Schedule of Changes for more details
  • Enhancements 
    • There are no enhancements in this release 
  • Fixes
    • There are no fixes in this release

Release Notes 2020.14

Release date: Thursday 7th May 2020

  • Fixes 
    • A fix has been applied to prevent the opening or editing of an e-Sign document that has been prepared and awaits finalising 
    • Any historic Contacts, added prior to the introduction of stronger validation of email in the past, who have invalid email addresses will be prompted to resolve the address prior to allowing their activation on PropertyFile
    • A fix to the dashboard metric for Online viewing feedback not acknowledged now ensures that any subsequently Deleted or Archived viewings are not included in the count in either the Sales or Lettings departments 
    • Re-sizing of the Ask Jupix chatbox has been improved to ensure that Open Knowledge Centre button is visible on low resolutions or zoomed browsers

Release Notes 2020.13

Release date: Thursday 30th April 2020

  • Fixes 
    • When assigning a Potential Landlord to an existing property using the Special Actions -> Change Ownership function, a fix has been applied so that it now removes them from the Potential Landlords list 

Release Notes 2020.12

Release date: Thursday 23rd April 2020

  • Enhancements 
    • A message has been added for administrators to alert you that when deactivating one of your users this doesn't automatically affect your account subscription and that you should contact Jupix sales admin team
    • EPC scores on a property can be marked as Non-Domestic and this is supported by the %epcEER_current_letter% document tag 
  • Fixes
    • For users using the legacy documents mode, an issue that prevented documents from being opened after download has been fixed
    • A fix has been made so that line breaks in descriptions no longer create an additional space before the line starts in Commercial and Land Agency brochures 
    • Supplier charges raised against joint landlords, and credited in full prior to October 2019, will not show on Landlord Income reports 
    • When sending batch emails to landlords, joint landlords will now be displayed (and sent to) independently
    • Digitally Signable Documents relating to deleted templates, or archived properties, will now remain visible

Release Notes 2020.11

Release date: Thursday 15th April 2020

  • Enhancements 
    • Jupix now supports BACS exports for Handelsbanken
  • Fixes
    • Several fixes have been made to prevent Landlord Statements from being able to create under-funded payments
      • Credits for Supplier Charges will no longer appear on Statements (unless the related charge has/will)
      • Full Credited charges will no longer show the option to "Withhold Payment" from a Maintenance Job 
      • Charges already paid to agency will no longer show the option to "Withhold Payment" from a Maintenance Job 
      • Maintenance Jobs where the charge has been both withheld and partially credited will now show the reduced amount in the Upcoming & Withheld Maintenance section of Statement previews 
      • Charges that have been withheld directly from the Pay Suppliers screen will now continue to receive cash and will still appear on Statements 
      • Agency Charges raised against Maintenance Jobs that have been withheld will now not receive cash
    • A fix has been applied to resolve an issue validating deposit amounts (consisting of a number of separate deposit values) when returning them from the deposit account

Release Notes 2020.10

Release date: Thursday 2nd April 2020

  • Enhancements 
    • Making Tax Digital - Quickbooks Online has been added to the list of Accounting Package Formats supported. 
    • The highlighting of differences between the contact details on the incoming lead and the contact details from the linked Jupix contact record have been improved on the Enquiries screen.
  • Fixes
    • There are no fixes in this release