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Alexi Glackin
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This guide will show you how you can get the most out of using the Jupix diary.  

The Jupix diary allows you to create diary events for appointments, viewings and appraisals.  

  1. Select Diary on the main homebar
  2. The Jupix default view will open your diary for today 

The diary screen offers the following functions


Choose View on the side menu

  • Here you can select which version of the diary to open
  • You have the option to Choose Default or Create New
  • You can use the Cog to set up new diary versions for more information
  • You can also use the Cog to set your Default diary view
  • The Cog will also allow you to Shrink diary to fit screen by clicking the tickbox your diary view will fit your computer screen so you can see all users allocated to your selected diary view without having to scroll across


Filter Diary on the side menu

  • This allows you to filter selected diary appointment types on the desired date, week or month view as selected.  


Date bar at the top of the diary screen

  • Allows you to scroll forward or backward from the date shown using the relevant arrows
  • You can also select between Day view, Week view, Month view and Agenda view using the buttons
  • The Agenda view displays in list format and allows you to select either Simple or Detailed subject to how much information you would like to display.  You can click the View link to open the Appointment Details screen.  


Print Icon

  1. Click the print icon
  2. The Print Diary Options to choose what to print, here you can filter by
  • Date Range
  • Appointment type
  • Staff member(s)
  • Simple or detailed


Search diary

You can use the Search function to search the diary for appointments by the subject of the appointment. for example, 'sales meeting'.


You cannot search for viewings or appraisals using Search

Use the Filter Diary function to search for viewing or market appraisal appointments


How to delete an appointment or reoccurring appointments

For more information on how to Delete diary appointments  click here 

To Do section

This area on the diary is a duplication of the To Do section on the Home screen.  

This will show you your overdue as well as upcoming To Do tasks or call reminders that have been created.  

Click on the reminder wording to open and complete accordingly.  

The main Diary section

Diary appointment colours are

  • Events in Green are Appraisals
  • Events in Purple are Viewings
  • Events in Yellow are Appointments
  • Events in Orange are Training
  • Events in Grey are Holidays

Additional diary event types and colours can be created in System Configuration. 

Same colour stripes in the event indicate the appointment is Unconfirmed

Same colour spots in the event indicate the appointment is Incomplete

A Red corner on the event indicates it is Residential Sales

A Blue corner on the event indicates it is Residential Lettings


You can position your mouse pointer over a diary entry to preview the details of the appointment, Jupix will display the appointment details over the top of the Calendar and Filter Diary sections on the left of the screen.  



How to add an appointment in the diary

  1. Select Diary from the main homebar
  2. The diary must be in Day or Week view
  3. Click the desired time on the desired day
  4. A New Event window will open
  5. Complete the appointment details accordingly
  • Event Type the first section is for you to choose between Appointment, Viewing and Market Appraisal and complete the details as required
  • Is Private Only tick the box to prevent anyone other than the attendee from viewing the appointment, the appointment will still show on the diary as an event but not the appointment details
  • The Subject box is what is used by the diary Search function
  • Appointment Type dropdown allows you to select the general appointment event
  • Record Locked Only tick this box if you are sure you do not want any other user to be able to edit this appointment
  • Details - any relevant notes added here will be visible to the user carrying out the appointment
  • Continue to complete the relevant details on the window selecting the relevant Properties and Contacts you want to link to the appointment
  • Confirming the correct date and time and any Booking Notes have been added
  • You then have the option to stipulate the appointment Recurrence
  • Click Save

The appointment will now be in the diary


Add a new viewing

For more information about booking a viewing in the Jupix diary click here to watch the Book a viewing video


Add a new market appraisal

For more information about booking a market appraisal in the Jupix diary click here to watch the Book a market appraisal video


Confirming viewings and market appraisal appointments

Any unconfirmed viewings or unconfirmed market appraisals will be flagged on the home screen.  

If the unconfirmed appointments are in your diary they will be found on the relevant department home screen in the My Unconfirmed Appointments dashboard

Any unconfirmed market appraisals for the whole department can be found on the main dashboard under Appraisals not confirmed

Any unconfirmed viewing for the whole department can be found on the main dashboard under Viewings not confirmed

To confirm an appointment

  1. Click on the relevant unconfirmed appointment in the list
  2. The appointment record will open
  3. At the top of the appointment record, there will be a warning stating that the appointment is currently unconfirmed
  4. Click the red word Edit
  5. The Edit Details screen will open
  6. Scroll down to the Confirmation section at the  bottom of the screen
  7. Use the tickboxes to mark as Confirmed the relevant attendees for the appointment
  8. Once all attendees have been marked as confirmed the Email Confirmation tickboxes will appear
  9. Click the relevant tickboxes to select who you want to receive an email confirmation
  10. If you have purchased SMS credits appointment confirmation can also be sent via text, text messages will be sent 1 hour before the appointment is due to take place, click here for more information


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