Reconciling the bank in Jupix

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Reconciling the bank in Jupix is a straightforward process.

Watch the short video below:

  1. Click the Residential Lettings department tab
  2. On My Dashboard, scroll down to Accounts. Click Reconcile alongside the relevant rent account 
  3. The Last Reconciled Balance at the bottom of the screen should match up with the last point at which you reconciled the bank. On your bank statement, draw a line underneath today, you will ignore these


  4. From the point you last reconciled, tick off each entry on the bank statement against the items on the screen. Put a tick in the box on the far right-hand side in the Reconcile? column if correct, and the New Balance should match that on your bank statement
  5. When correct, click Save

This will then take you through to the Reconciliation History and give you a breakdown of what was just reconciled.


The reconciliation should only be reconciled against the items you have on your physical bank statement. If there is an amount in Jupix that isn't showing on your bank statement, do not reconcile this amount until it has been received in to your bank account

We would recommend that you only reconcile transactions dated yesterday on the bank statement and not todays date as these could change