Receipt monies from an unknown source into the suspense account 

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Receipt Monies from an unknown source to the suspense account

Follow the steps below to receipt monies from an unknown source into the suspense account within Jupix. 

On the Accounts Dashboard where you normally go to Reconcile the bank account, click on the Suspense Option:


This takes you through to the Suspense Account screen, click on the Receipt button and enter in the details of funds you wish to receipt in.

This will place the monies onto the bank reconciliation screen to be reconciled. Until the item has been reconciled you can simply tick to Undo Receipt if the entry is an error.

Once the item has been reconciled you can either remove the receipt if it is no longer showing on your bank account or transfer the funds to the relevant record within Jupix once you know who the funds belong to.


To transfer the funds to a record in Jupix first go to the suspense account and click on the Transfer Cash option.

You can transfer the full balance or a part balance if required.

Add in a description.

Select whether you are transferring to a Landlord or Tenant and then search for the record in the box provided.


Once you are happy all the details are correct you can save. The monies will now be appear on the ledger of the record selected.