Add logos and style to your PropertyFile site

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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You're able to upload your agency logo on PropertyFile as well as customise your PropertyFile microsite colour scheme.

This article includes: 

Adding your logo

When adding your logo, the Main Logo is what you will see once you are logged into PropertyFile, and the Landing Page Logo is what users will see if they visit your microsite before logging in.  

We recommend keeping both logos the same, and the same size.  


You're required to have access to your agency logo from the computer you are on, before you start

  1. Click Admin on the main homebar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click PropertyFile Configuration
  3. The PropertyFile Dashboard will open. Click Logos on the side menu
  4. Click Choose file and locate your agency's logo from your computer and select the image to upload



For optimal results, please provide a high quality logo, with a maximum width of 300 pixels and a maximum height of 100 pixels. Please do not upload a file size larger than 900KB

Customising the look of your Microsite

  1. On the PropertyFile dashboard, click Colour Scheme on the side menu

 Here, you can edit the colour scheme of your microsite.  

You microsite's colours are defined by a six-digit hex code. (If you are unsure of your hex code but know the RGB, please click here). 

Please consult your agency’s brand guidelines if you don't know your company’s colour codes.  

You are free to edit the colours on this page and how you would like them to appear. To amend them, you can either click on the field and choose a colour using the palette, or, you can type in the hex code for that colour.

Amending the colours will change your site as follows: 

  • Primary colour - this will alter the colour of the header bar and main overall colour
  • Secondary colour - this will alter the colour of buttons, banners and smaller elements of the microsite



Click Advanced if you want to change the colour of more specific individual elements of your microsite

Once the colours have been amended to your preferences, you can preview how your microsite will look by clicking Visit Your Page


If your changes aren't showing, press Ctrl + F5 to refresh your webpage.