Jupix works best when your computers default browser is set to Internet Explorer. If you've been experiencing any issues in relation to your use of Jupix, we suggest you try changing your default browser to Internet Explorer, if it isn't already.


The steps below are to help you set up your computers default email settings and are not Jupix specific. They also only apply to computers running Windows

To check your default browser is set to Internet Explorer, and change it if required:

  1. Close down all open programs in Windows
  2. Click the Windows start button in the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen
  3. Click the Settings cog
  4. The Windows Settings page opens. Click Apps
  5. In the Apps side menu, click Default apps
  6. The Choose default apps page opens. Scroll down to Web browser. As Windows default is Microsoft Edge, click the Microsoft Edge logo and click Internet Explorer from the app list
  7. Close the Windows Settings window


Don't click Reset as this will set all default apps back to the Windows default settings


You may need to close everything down and restart your computer to save these settings

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