Uploading a brochure created outside of Jupix to portals

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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If you've created a brochure outside of Jupix, you can still upload it to Zoopla and other portals.

  1. Click Property on the main homebar
  2. Search for the relevant property in the Find bar and click Go. Click View on the relevant record
    1. Alternatively, find and click the relevant property from within the Last Viewed section
  3. Click the Media tab
  4. Scroll down to the Public Media section and click Upload Media File
  5. Alongside Media File, click Choose file
  6. Find and click the .pdf brochure that you want to upload from your computer or network. Click Open
  7. Type in a Media Description to identify the brochure
  8. To ensure the brochure feeds to Zoopla and other portals, in the Media Type dropdown menu, click Brochure PDF
  9. Tick Websites and portals to ensure the brochure is available and viewable on websites and portals
    1. You can also tick Emailing and printing to ensure the brochure is available to be emailed and printed
  10. Click Save

You'll now see the .pdf property brochure in the Public Media section of the property record. Alongside it will be an earth symbol indicating the brochure has been ticked to feed to portals and websites.

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