How do I fix a corrupt document?

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Occasionally, when trying to open a Word document from Notes or Public Media, an error message may appear stating that the document cannot be opened due to a problem with the contents.  

If you click on Details in the error message and it says Illegal XML character, the below solutions should apply:

  • One cause of the error is due to copying and pasting data into Jupix. That data should be deleted and typed over manually.
    You'll then need to identify which merge tags are being used in the particular document. For example, if the document uses vendor contact details, you'll need to retype the contact details within the vendor record
  • Another cause is the use of “&” within a particular field of a record. For example, Mr & Mrs Smith.
    You'll need to replace the “&” with “and”

Once the data has been corrected, regenerate the document from Notes or Public Media. It should now open correctly.

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