Advise your portal and website hosts

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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As you're now live on Jupix, you'll need to contact and advise any property portals and website hosts that you use to market properties, that Jupix is your new software provider.  

Once you have notified your portals and website hosts, they will then contact our support team and provide us with a feed activation code/branch ID.  

Once the Jupix support team has received the activation code/branch ID, the support team will contact you to ensure that you're happy for our team to activate your Jupix data feed to that specific portal.  

We would suggest you ensure that all the necessary property data that has been uploaded into Jupix is correct and in a condition to feed from Jupix, prior to activating these data feeds.  

With regards to your website provider, once you have provided us with their contact details, they will be sent a .xml link, which will contain the location from which they are able to pull the data from Jupix.