Guide Price range

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The Guide Price range allows you to specify a price range in the Residential Sales Profile on sales properties. If the Price Qualifier is set to Guide Price, you have the option of setting a High Guide Price in addition to the property Price.

Document tags are provided to allow the price range to be brought out in documents. 

Within Jupix, the High Guide Price appears along with the Price in the following places:

  • In the property Summary
  • In the Residential Sales Profile
  • On the New Property screen
  • On the Instruct Property screen
  • On the Edit Residential Sales Profile screen
  • On the Price Change screen

In the Document Editor, there are two tags to allow the insertion of the price range. If the Price Qualifier is Guide Price and a High Guide Price has been provided, these will insert the full price range. If no High Guide Price has been provided, they will just insert the single price.

The merge tags to use are:

  • %priceRange%
  • %priceRangeText%

The Price Qualifier is displayed in the property Summary, in the Add/Edit screens, as well as the Price Change screen, where it can be edited.