Generate an Energy Performance Graph

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Not all EPC providers will create an EPC graph on your behalf. If this is the case, you can take the EPC graph from the certificate by using the Snipping Tool. (If you're using a mac, the keyboard shortcut is Command + Shift + 4).

The steps below outline how to generate an Energy Performance Graph which can then be uploaded to the Media tab on the Property

  1. Open the certificate
  2. Search for Snipping Tool from your Windows taskbar
  3. Click the Snipping Tool app 
  4. Click New and highlight the entire EPC graph
  5. Click File from the top menu
  6. Click Save as and save the file in an image format

The image can now be uploaded into Jupix.
For more information on how to Add an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to Jupix, click here

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