Change the order of photos

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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In Jupix, you can easily upload photos of a property to the property record via the image uploader.

Once you've done so, they can easily be reordered at any time.

  1. Click Property on the main homebar
  2. Search for the relevant property in the Find bar and click Go. Click View on the relevant record
    1. Alternatively, find and click the relevant property from within the Last Viewed section
  3. Click the Media tab
  4. In the Photos section, click Order Photos
  5. Click, drag and drop the photos in to the order that you wish for them to appear in brochures and on portals
  6. Click Save

The first photo displays as the thumbnail of your property record.


We recommend that the photos uploaded are in a landscape format. This is to ensure that the photos are displayed in full, in any templates and matches you may create

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