Installing the Jupix rolling screen

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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This article follows on from Downloading the Jupix rolling screen.

Once the .zip file has been downloaded, follow the below steps to access the .zip file and install the Rolling Screen application.  


You need to ensure the .zip file has been downloaded to the computer that is going to be used to display the Rolling Screen before starting the install

The Client Id and Passphrase will need to be requested by logging a ticket with our Support team. To do this, click Submit a request below and use the contact form

This article includes: 

Installing the Rolling Screen

  1. Open the .zip file
  2. Extract the files to a New Folder by clicking Extract all files at the top of the screen
  3. The Select a Destination and Extract Files window opens. Click Extract
  4. Click New Folder at the top of the screen
  5. Create a subfolder called Media within the new folder

A shortcut of the RollingV2.exe can be created on the desktop to open the application quickly.

Once the media folder has been created:

  1. Double click on the RollingV2 icon (Ignore any software warning you may get at this point)
  2. The Software Select window opens. Click Jupix
  3. Click OK 
  4. The Select Working Directory window opens. This is where all the media for each property will be saved to display on the screen. Click Select
  5. The Browse For Folder window opens. Select the Media Folder that was created earlier
  6. Click OK on the Browse for Folder window
  7. Click OK on the Select Working Directory window
  8. A window opens asking you to Please set Jupix credentials on the Data tab (these credentials are the Client Id and the Passphrase that will have been provided to you by the Support team). Click OK
  9. The Configuration window opens. Add the Client Id and Passphrase credentials into the corresponding boxes on the Data tab in the Configuration window
  10. Click OK

Once the credentials have been added as above, this will check for new properties and is indicated by a green bar in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  

The application will automatically check for new properties and Refresh Data on the regular timeframe that is set. This can be changed on the Data tab of the Configuration window, if required.   

Closing the Rolling Screen

  1. To close the application, right click on the screen and click Exit

Once the app has been installed, it's possible to configure the settings.
For more information on Configuring the rolling screen application, click here

There are instructions on how to change the logo as well as various other modifications that can be made to the application and the way it displays your properties.