Apple Mac compatibility with Jupix

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
  • Updated

Jupix is designed primarily for use on up to date Windows operating systems.  

Some functionality in Jupix may not be compatible with Apple Mac machines, however, steps can be taken to increase its compatibility. 

  • Operating System
    • Please ensure you're using an up to date version of macOS. We recommend at least OS 10.11 El Capitan or later
  • Browser
    • We don't recommend you use Jupix with Safari as it doesn't contain some of the important functionality required for all areas of Jupix to work.
    • We strongly recommend you download and use Microsoft Edge
  • Image Uploader
    • To upload images to Jupix, you must use the Basic image uploader. To change this setting in Jupix:
      1. On the Jupix Home screen, click Your Account (xxxx Account) at the top left of your screen
      2. Scroll down to the Image Uploader Preferences section. In the Default Image Uploader dropdown menu, click Basic
  • Documents
    • You can manually upload edited documents and brochures into Jupix using an Apple Mac, however, the function of saving document changes directly back to Jupix isn't supported when using Apple machines
  • Document Editor
    • The Jupix Document Editor cannot be used on an Apple Mac and we're unable to support it using a .exe emulator/wrapper