Why are Let Only tenancies in Receipt Rents on the dashboard?

  • Updated

Let Only tenancies should not be showing in Receipt Rents on the dashboard as no rent is being collected. 

On My Dashboard, in the Accounts section, when selecting Receipt Rents, if you find Let Only properties in there, this is because they haven't been changed to Let Only within the tenancy. To correct this, click on the property Address to take you to the tenancy. Alternatively:

  1. Click Tenancies on the main homebar
  2. Search for the relevant tenancy in the Find bar and click Go. Click View on the relevant record
    1. Alternatively, find and click the relevant tenancy from within the Last Viewed section
  3. Click the Property Ledger tab
  4. Scroll down to the Management Details section and click Edit Details
  5. In the Management Type dropdown menu, click Let Only
  6. Click Save


You'll also need to credit any rent demands off the Tenant Ledger if they have been demanded in error