How to send automated feedback requests

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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Once you have activated PropertyFile, when booking a viewing you'll have the option to send an automated email to the applicant following the date and time of the viewing, requesting they provide relevant feedback.
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The viewing feedback request email will be sent to the applicant automatically 30 minutes after the viewing time

  1. Book a viewing
  2. On the New Viewing screen, in the PropertyFile - Viewing Feedback section, ensure you click Yes to send an automated email to the applicant requesting feedback after the viewing

30 minutes after the viewing time, the applicant will receive an email asking them to Leave feedback, with your branding and colours.


The email sent to the applicant will direct them to complete the following form


Once the applicant sends their viewing feedback, you'll receive an email notification that feedback has been submitted. You can find the feedback on My Dashboard, in the Dashboard sectionunder Viewings online feedback not acknowledged.

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