Add a deposit to a tenancy record

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Once a tenancy is at preparing stage, you need to add the deposit scheme to confirm who will be taking the deposit and also where it will be held, once it's received from the tenant. 

  1. Click the Residential Lettings department tab
  2. Click Tenancies on the main homebar
  3. Search for the tenancy in the Find bar and click Go. Click View on the relevant tenancy
    1. Alternatively, find and click the tenancy from within the Last Viewed section
  4. On the tenancy Summary tab, click Add Deposit Scheme
    1. Alternatively, scroll down to the Deposit Scheme section and click Edit Details
  5. In the Deposit Scheme Details section, use the dropdown menu to select who the deposit is to be taken by (Deposit To Be Taken By)
  6. Use the dropdown menu to select who the deposit is to be held by (Deposit To Be Held By)
  7. Use the dropdown menu to select the Deposit Scheme
  8. Type in any Deposit Notes, if required 
  9. Click Save

Once the scheme has been set up, you can add the deposit invoice.

  1. On the tenancy Summary tab, scroll down to the Tenant Ledger section and click Add Tenant First Account 
  2. Check the Rent Amount and Rent Frequency is set correctly
  3. Click the calendar to enter the period for the First Rent For Period
  4. Enter the Deposit Charge Amount (£)
  5. Click Save 

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