Set up letting fee policies

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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The steps below outline how to adhere to the CAP regulations and Tenant Fees Act, to display letting fees on portals, websites and documentation.

Here, you can also edit your existing policies and fees that feed through to portals and websites.


In order to set up the letting fee policy:

  • You must have the Lettings Configuration user permission enabled on your user account
    For more information on Managing user permissions, click here
  • You will need access to Admin. Your appointed office Admin will have access to these permissions
  1. Click Admin on the main homebar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Lettings Configuration
  3. In the Letting Fee Policies section, click Edit 

Set up a new letting fee policy

  1. Once on the Admin Letting Fee Policies screen, click New Policy
  2. Policy Name - Add the name of this new policy in the field. This is what users will see when selecting the relevant policy
  3. Default Policy - Click the tickbox if this is to be the policy Jupix will default to if the user does not select another policy
  4. Headline Text - Add what you want the public to see as the main lead in wording
  5. Full Details Text - Add the full policy details
  6. Click Save

Below is an example letting fee policy.


Edit an existing letting fee policy

  1. Once on the Admin Letting Fee Policies screen, using the Action column, click Edit to make your required changes to the policy

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