Receipt tenant money

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You can receipt in money received from a tenant on the Tenant Ledger or from the Receipt Tenants Money option in Accounts on My Dashboard.

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Receipting from the Tenant Ledger

  1. Click Tenancies on the main homebar
  2. Search for the relevant tenancy in the Find bar and click Go. Click View on the relevant record
    1. Alternatively, find and click the relevant tenancy from within the Last Viewed section
  3. On the Summary tab, click Receipt Tenant Monies if there is an outstanding ledger balance
  4. On the Tenant Ledger tab, click Receipt Tenant Money if there is no outstanding ledger balance
  5. In the Receipt Details section, enter a Description
  6. Enter the Receipt Amount (£) of the receipt
  7. Use the dropdown menu to change the Payment Type, if required
  8. In Date Received, confirm the date the payment was received
  9. In Received From, confirm who the money was received from (Lead Tenant or Third Party)
  10. Manually allocate the receipt (this will reflect what the receipt was allocated against on the tenants receipt)
  11. Click Save

Receipting from Accounts on My Dashboard

  1. On My Dashboard, scroll down to Accounts. Click Receipt tenants money
  2. Search for the tenant you wish to receipt money for. Add the Amount (£) Received
  3. In the Payment Method dropdown menu, click the relevant type
  4. At the bottom, in the Receipt Details section, ensure you select the relevant account the money was Paid Into and the date it was receipted
  5. Click Save

Once saved, if receipted by automated banking or standing order, the receipt will show as ready to be reconciled on the Reconcile screen.  If receipted by cash, cheque or PDQ, the receipt will show on the Cash and Cheques to Pay in or PDQ Batch Update, ready to pay in. 

Once a receipt has been added, it will need to be reconciled into the client account as soon as the money has reached the account.
For more information on Reconciling the bank in Jupix, click here


Receipts added via Receipt Tenants Money in Accounts on My Dashboard don't allow you to manually allocate against ledger items

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