Setting up your emails to send through Outlook

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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You can configure your computer settings so that you're able to email your contacts from their records in Jupix. If you click the contact email in Jupix, a window opens in your Outlook email.

  1. Click the Windows start button in the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen
  2. Click the Settings cog
  3. The Windows Settings page opens. Click Apps
  4. In the Apps side menu, click Default apps
  5. The Choose default apps page opens. On Email, as Windows default is Mail, click the Mail logo and click Outlook from the app list
  6. Close the Windows Settings window


Don't click Reset as this will set all default apps back to the Windows default settings

When you go back into Jupix, you'll be able to click on the blue highlighted or underlined contact email. Jupix will then open a window in your Outlook email.

Alternatively, on the Notes tab of the relevant record, you'll have the option to click Send Email. This opens a window in your Outlook email.

A record of all emails sent from Jupix will be recorded on the Notes tab of the relevant record and in the users Outlook account. Email responses from the recipient will only be received in the relevant users Outlook account.
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