Setting up your emails to use Gmail in Google Chrome

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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You can configure your computer settings on your pc and browser in order to set Google Chrome to be your default mail handler.


We advise that you check with your IT to confirm the steps within this article are allowed within your branch/agency

This article includes: 

Uninstalling the Google toolbar

In order to set your 'mailto handler' to be Google Chrome (so when you click an email address in Jupix, it opens Chrome), you will first need to disable or uninstall the Google toolbar in Internet Explorer if you have this installed. If you don't have this installed, please see Changing the default email client below.

Before updates to Windows and Google Chrome, the Google toolbar was required to send emails via Gmail in Jupix. This will need to be turned off in order to proceed.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Right click in the top toolbar and click on Google Toolbar (it should have a tick beside it)

  3. You'll be asked Do you want to disable this add-on. Click Disable

Once this has been done, you need to change your default email client.

Changing the default email client

  1. Click the Windows start button in the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen, and type in Default Email
  2. Click Choose a default email app

    1. Alternatively, you could click the Windows start button in the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen
    2. Click the Settings cog
    3. The Windows Settings page opens. Click Apps
    4. In the Apps side menu, click Default apps
  3. The top option should be Email, and this will need to be set as Google Chrome.
    If the Windows default isn't already Google Chrome, click the logo below Email
  4. Click Google Chrome from the app list
    1. If Google Chrome isn't in the app list, you'll need to speak to your IT
  5. Close the Windows Settings window

Changing Chrome to redirect email links

Once the default email app is set to Google Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click the ellipsis (3 dots) in the top right corner
  3. Click Settings
    1. Alternatively, in the search bar, type in chrome://settings/
  4. Click the Privacy and security tab on the left hand side
  5. Click Site settings
  6. Scroll down and click Additional permissions
  7. Click Handlers
  8. Ensure Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols (recommended) is toggled ON (blue)

Enabling Gmail to open email links

  1. Navigate to Gmail to open the email inbox
  2. In the address bar, there's a new icon that looks like two diamonds. Click the icon and then click Allow and Done in the popup

Once all the above steps have been completed, all email links should now go through Gmail in Google Chrome. When a link is clicked on in Jupix in another browser, it should open up Google Chrome and open Gmail.


If the account that Gmail is opening is incorrect, you will need to change your default google account by signing out of all accounts and signing into the one you want to be the main account

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