Apply a credit note on a supplier ledger and refund a landlord from a contractor

Alexi Glackin
Alexi Glackin
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Credit notes cannot be applied to ledgers in Jupix as they are not the same as receipting money.  

A credit note is like receiving a voucher and Jupix does not have the facility to recognise this.  

Refund a landlord from a supplier

In order to provide a refund to the landlord, the supplier will need to return the amount by cheque or automated banking.  

This can then be receipted onto the landlord ledger as a receipt from a third party.  

When the landlord statement is generated, this payment will reflect on the income section.  

To reflect a supplier refund to a landlord please see the below steps:

  1. Select Landlords from the main homebar
  2. Use the Find bar to locate the relevant landlord record
  3. Once on the relevant Landlord Summary click the Landlord Ledgers summary tab
  4. Click Add Landlord Receipt
  5. Once in the Add Landlord Receipt screen, change the Received From to a Third Party and put the name of the contractor in the Third Party Notes
  6. Click Save

This will then show on the Landlord ledger as a Receipt from a Third Party.  

Once the refund has been received and reconciled in, it will show on the pending Landlord Statement and can then be paid to the Landlord.  


This refund will not show on the landlord income report