Expense type categories

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When adding an expense, you use the Expense Type dropdown menu for the charge in order to categorise it by its nature.

Whilst the dropdown menu defaults to a general Expense Type, you're able to more specifically categorise it, if required. The Expense Type option shows when you:

  • Add landlord expenses
  • Add property expenses on a landlord/property ledger
  • Add contractor invoices on a completed maintenance job
  • Raise agency invoices on a completed maintenance job

Expense type categories are as below:



If Capital Items are selected as the Expense Type and if the landlord is overseas, the charge will not be included for tax relief when overseas tax is being deducted, when generating a statement. This can be seen in Jupix on the Generate Landlord Statements screen, when a charge marked as a Capital Item is included on a statement. The charge should still display in the Overseas Tax Calculation section of the statement, but with zero in the tax withheld column

Go to the following link for further details https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/505145/sa105-notes_2016.pdf

Selecting Capital Items will prevent tax relief being applied for overseas landlords

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