Tenant first account and how to amend the rent or deposit amount

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Alexi Glackin
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When preparing a tenancy, you have the option to Add Tenant First Account. This allows you to customise the accounting details for the tenancy.  

Add Tenant First Account will prompt you to raise demands for the deposit and the first rent period.  

At this stage, you can amend the rent amount, edit the rent frequency, change the end date of the first rent period to create an ad hoc rent charge and change the deposit amount.  

The steps below will also take you through how to correct errors to the first rent demand and how to change the deposit amount if incorrect, when processing the tenant's first account.  

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To have the option available to Add Tenant First Account, you must have marked the tenancy as Referencing Successful and have completed the Add Deposit Scheme

Adding a tenants first account

  1. Click the Residential Lettings department tab
  2. Click Home on the main homebar
  3. On My Dashboard, in the Dashboard section, click New tenancies to arrange
  4. Click View to open the relevant preparing tenancy record
  5. On the tenancy record, click Add Tenant First Account
  6. The Add First Account Charges For Tenants screen opens. Check the Tenancy Start Date is correct. If it isn't, go back to the tenancy record and edit it
  7. Rent Amount - Check the regular rent amount is correct and edit the rent amount, if required
  8. Rent Frequency - Select the relevant option from the dropdown menu. They include:
    1. pcm
    2. pw
    3. pa
    4. p4w
    5. pq
    6. p6m
  9. First Rent For Period - If required, click the calendar to edit the end date for the first rent demand. Jupix will automatically calculate the ad hoc rent amount for the period selected
  10. Check the Then regular payments of £ is the correct regular rent amount
  11. The Standing Order Start Date will show the date that the second rent amount will be due, based on the end date selected in First Rent For Period
  12. In the First Account Charges section, in the boxes under Charge Amount (£), you will see the amounts that are to be charged for the: 
    1. Deposit
    2. First rent for period with the dates set in First Rent For Period 
    3. There may also be Charges that have been set up to be available to be charged to the tenant at this stage
  13. Check that the total amount payable is correct 
  14. Click Save
  15. The Rent Breakdown screen opens. Click Rent Paid By from the dropdown menu for the options:
    1. Lead Tenant - This is the default
      For more information on Changing or selecting the lead tenant of a tenancy, click here
    2. All Tenants Equally - Jupix will split the rent equally between all tenant records allocated to this tenancy
      For more information on How do I split the rent between multiple tenants, click here
    3. All Tenants Unequally - You can enter how much each individual tenant will be responsible for paying off the total amount of the rent
  16. Click the Rent Payment Method dropdown menu to select either:
    1. Standing Order
    2. Cheque
  17. Rent Payment Reference - In this field, you'll see a Jupix generated payment reference for the tenant to use when paying their rent. This number is made up with the tenancy number - and the tenant number in that tenancy
  18. If you prefer to use the property address, click Add at the end of the field and Jupix will automatically add the first line of the property address into the field
  19. Bank Account allows you to record the details of the bank account the tenant will be using to pay their rent
    For more information on Editing landlord and tenant bank account details, click here
  20. Click Save

The tenant first account has now been added and the demand for the deposit and first rent can be found on the Tenant Ledger on one demand.


If no rent or deposit charges are to be issued to the tenant, you can save the Tenant First Account screen with a total of £0.00


Once saved, the Add Tenant First Account option will no longer be available

Removing an incorrect rent or deposit from the Tenant Ledger

You can't edit a rent or deposit demand once it has been raised. You'll have to credit the charge raised in error and then add the correct rent or deposit demand.
For more information on Refunding tenant charges, click here

Change an incorrect rent demand

Changing the rent demands will also show you how to add a correct rent demand. To credit a rent demand that has been raised in error, click here

Change an incorrect deposit demand

Click here to follow the process as detailed in Process a credit, to credit the deposit demand made in error.

Once you have credited the deposit demand made in error, you'll need to add a new deposit demand. To do this:

  1. On the relevant tenancy Summary, click Special Actions
  2. Click Add Deposit
  3. The Add Deposit screen opens. Check all the details are correct and edit them, if required
  4. Click Save

The correct deposit demand will now be on the Tenant Ledger.

Adding the first rent demand to a Let Only tenancy

In order to Add a rent demand to a let only tenancy, click here 

Adding a deposit charge after the tenant first account is done

  1. On the relevant tenancy Summary, click Special Actions
  2. Click Add Deposit
  3. The Add Deposit screen opens. Check all the details are correct and edit them, if required
  4. Click Save

The correct deposit demand will now be on the Tenant Ledger.

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